25 october 2018

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9h00Welcome - news from OSGeo and OSM
9h40The open source eco-system
10h00"Open GIS" in de gemeente
10h30First Coffee break
11h00L'IDS - Infrastructure de données spatiales - nouvel outil cartographique de Bruxelles Environnement
Laetitia Dupin - Audrey Duplat[fr]
Spatial Data Science: Using R as your command line GIS
Egge-Jan Pollé[en]
BruGIS Data Management (BDM) under QGIS
Michel Van Asten / Gabriela Megelea[?]
11h25TerriSTORY, Outil web d’aide à la décision au service des territoires en transition
Marianne Gerard, Vincent Picavet[fr]
Why and How to use R as an opensource GIS ? The Agromet project usecase.
Thomas Goossens[en]
Complex feature support for OpenLayers
Berdien De Roo; Niels Charlier; Dirk Frigne[?]
11h50Une nouvelle plateforme BruGIS basée sur Mapstore2
Grégoire Vandenschrick[fr]
DeepLearning and GeoSpatial data, what a match !
Olivier Courtin[fr]
Managing and automating your open data processes using Geoserver Taskmanager
Berdien De Roo, Marleen Van Damme, Niels Charlier, Roel Huybrechts[en]
13h30Verken de bodem en ondergrond in Vlaanderen met de virtuele boring.
Marleen Van Damme[nl]
GeoPandas: easy, fast and scalable geospatial analysis in Python
Joris Van den Bossche[en]
The Sen2-Agri system: countrywide crop specific monitoring system, using high spatial and temporal resolution imagery
Philippe Malcorps[?]
13h55Quickgrid : auto-localisation pour les secours lors de grands évènements
Christophe Cloquet[fr]
Des pandas et des camions
Karl Determe[?]
Use of the linear referencing toolbox to solve completeness issues in a road dataset
Céline Bassine[?]
14h20Why (and how to) switch to OpenStreetMap for your website ?
Jonathan Beliën[fr]
Using py3dtiles for visualization of massive point clouds
Éric Lemoine[?]
QGIS Server 3: OGC Certification and Performance
Vincent Picavet[en]
14h45Second coffee break
15h15Open ontmoet Geo: DCAT-AP schema plug-in voor GeoNetwork
Geraldine Nolf, Gustaaf Vandeboel, Dirk Debaere, Mathias De Schrijver, An Heirman, Stijn Goedertier [nl]
Mapping the future with OpenStreetMap: getting ready for future addresses for the municipality fusions
Joost Schouppe[en]
Brussel's Solar cadastre
Wilkin Benjamin[?]
15h40Développement du Système d’Information Foncier des Terres Domaniales (SIF-TD) de l'Etat du Burundi.
Pierre André Le Ny - Marc Ducobu[fr]
In the making of a mapping platform.
Pierre Marchand - Pacôme Béru[en]
Introduction to geospatial in Odoo ERP
Julien Collaer & Nicolas Dufrane[?]
16h15Closing Plenary

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